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Miami Attorneys

The Miami lawyers and attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart, The Miami Law, provide  representation in Personal Injury, Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Loan Modification, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Contracts, Debt Collection, Short Sales, Pre-Construction Condo Deposit Recovery, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Landlord Tenant, Evictions, Civil/Commercial Litigation, Unfair Competition, and Fraud.


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Foreclosure Win in 4th District Court of Appeal

A defendant in a foreclosure case filed by Wells Fargo was able to prevent summary judgment in a case appealed to the 4th District Court of Appeal. ... Read more...

Defective Gun Lawsuit - Pawnshop Owner Held Liable for Defective Gun

A woman whose son was killed when a gun he purchased from a pawn shop fell and discharged on a table was awarded $6 million. According to the... Read more...

Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief - Short Sales, Loan Modifications, Principal Reduction

Homeowners who sold their properties in a short sale recently are still waiting to see whether the difference between the selling price and the... Read more...

Debts Canceled in Bankruptcy Still Hurt Credit Scores

Large banks have been ignoring bankruptcy filings by letting debts remain on consumer's credit scores. Consumer's seeking to obtain a mortgage are... Read more...

Hellmann's Sues Just Mayo - False Advertising, Unfair Competition

Unilever PlC, maker of Hellmann's Mayonnaise, is suing Hampton Creek Inc. for false advertising in its use of the JUST MAYO name for eggless... Read more...

Bail Bondsman Arrested for Grand Theft

An investigation by the State Division of Insurance Fraud and the Division of Agent & Agency Services accused a Miami bail bondsman of stealing... Read more...

Liens Recorded After Final Judgment but Before Foreclosure Sale are Enforceable.

A judge in Broward county has ruled that liens recorded after a final judgment, but before the sale of the property, are still enforceable. Further,... Read more...

Sentence Reductions for Federal Inmates

Federal Judges can now begin reviewing the cases of federal prisoners who could be eligible for reduced sentences and an earlier release date. To to... Read more...

Florida Real Estate Recovery Fund

The Florida Real Estate Recovery Fund provides compensation to members of the public who have been defrauded or suffered financial harm as the result... Read more...
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