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Miami Attorneys

The Miami lawyers and attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart, The Miami Law, provide  representation in Personal Injury, Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Loan Modification, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Contracts, Debt Collection, Short Sales, Pre-Construction Condo Deposit Recovery, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Landlord Tenant, Evictions, Civil/Commercial Litigation, Unfair Competition, and Fraud.


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Supreme Court Rules that Borrowers Can Rescind Certain Mortgages

The Supreme Court has ruled that under the Truth in Lending Act, borrowers can rescind their mortgages within three years if they have not been... Read more...

California seeks to Suspen OCWEN License

AS with the investigation over its mortgage servicing practices in New York, California is taking a hard line against OCWEN for its alleged failure... Read more...

NAACP Trademark Litigation

There is currently on appeal trademark litigation over the right to use the NAACP trademark. A group who advocates against abortion is using the... Read more...

OCWEN Enters Settlement with New York Regulators Concerning Faulty Mortgage Servicing Practices

Ocwen Financial Corp. entered into a settlement with New York Regulators concerning faulty mortgage servicing practices. Ocwen was accused of many... Read more...

Possible Federal Lawsuits Against Lenders for Violating CFPB Rules

Attorneys are considering lawsuits against lenders who violate Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rules. Under the recently enacted CFPB... Read more...

Legal Claims Over Assets Taken by Cuban Government

President Obama's recent speech claiming to lift the years long embargo on the Cuban government may also raise the possibility that companies and... Read more...

Supreme Court Will Hear Second Mortgage Stripping in Bankruptcy Cases

Supreme Court Will Hear Second Mortgage Stripping in Bankruptcy Cases. States like Florida have allowed homeowners in Chapter 7 bankruptcy to... Read more...

Past Mental Illness not complete ban to obtaining a firearm

A federal appeals court has ruled that a man who was committed to a mental hospital for a brief period years ago cannot be prevented from obtaining a... Read more...

OCWEN Financial Corp Under Investigation for Flawed Foreclosure Review

OCWEN Financial Corp is under investigation for what a whistleblower says were faulty reviews of mortgages picked for compliance review. A number of... Read more...

Appraisers Inflating Value of Properties Based on Pressure from Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents

Appraisers Inflating Value of Properties Based on Pressure from Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents. Like before the financial crisis and mortgage... Read more...
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